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PROGRAM — Charter School

My daughter Sophia is an amazing little girl! She has the most selfless and loving heart. She works very hard to be the best at all she does! She’s super friendly and kind to everyone she meets.

These are the reason I chose a charter school:

First, academic development. It’s important that our daughters receive all the help they can get to learn. The charter school that we chose for our daughters has all that and more. Second, respect & values. We believe teachers and school staff play a huge part in the growth of a child. We can teach our children values and respect but it is amazing to find a school that supports these values! I believe it helps strengthen your child’s character. Third, we really wanted to find a school that was going to challenge and encourage our girls to succeed in all that they do.

The main difference I noticed with our daughter’s school is that it has brought lots of discipline. Our daughter has learned to be very responsible and engaged with all of her work. She loves school. She loves her peers. She actually enjoys the time she spends at school!

I grew up in a very poor area in southern California where only two out of ten students went off to college and finished school. A lot of us had to work at a very young age and didn’t have the opportunity to focus in school. Unfortunately, a career was not a priority or even expected of me.

“We want to give them all the time and tools they need to succeed and be encouraged to be all that they can and want to be.”

My husband and I are trying to do our best to offer a better life to our children. We want to give them all the tools they need to succeed and be encouraged to be all that they can and want to be. Every child deserves the opportunity to grow into someone successful, but unfortunately, a lot of times the public schools in our nation fail to encourage our children. Every family deserves the opportunity to offer their children a better future. The charter school system is a blessing!

School choice represents a better future for our children; a broader opportunity and essentially a better life. It represents help for us to guide our children in the right direction; a much better education than we would  be able to provide them at a public school. It is a wonderful blessing!


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