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PROGRAM — Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

By Jeremiah’s mom, Ami

I am a single mom and a certified public school teacher. So when I had my son, I immediately recognized that he needed a curriculum and a classroom structure that would set him up for success. I saw the potential in my son, but also saw that he did not learn in the traditional way of sitting at a desk and being talked to all day.

I knew my son needed a school that would work with him where he was, and continue to push him to his greatest potential without tearing him down. He needed a school that did not treat him in a “one size fits all” approach. The school we are zoned for is an “A” rated school. But for me, it has always been about what the school has to offer, and not a letter based on many contributing factors, but not necessarily the teaching style.

When we qualified for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, I was ecstatic because I was empowered to find the best school for my son’s learning — and I did! That was when he was in kindergarten. Now he’s finishing third grade!

My son makes honor roll every quarter and has received two character awards for displaying specific monthly character traits. He loves his school, has a lot of friends, and he excels in his learning.


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