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My name is Isaiah and I love to draw cartoon characters, make movies, and act. I’ve always loved cartoon characters ever since I was three years old. I have been making movies for years as well.

The reason why my family chose this school is because they thought it was the right fit for me and my sister. I love the teachers. I love my class and I love my friends.

The difference school choice made in my life is that I grew up in a public school my whole life and hated it through the years, but in a private school, I feel like I belong there.

I absolutely believe more families should have the same privilege I had in exercising school choice because I know another children like me would love a school like where I’m going. I would say this school is great for kids with autism and they are here to help children with autism of all ages.

“To me, school choice means a brighter future with unlimited potential.”

School choice means you have the ability to choose the school you want to go to with the hope of achieving something more in life. To me, school choice means a brighter future with unlimited potential.


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