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PROGRAM — Charter School

My son, Ignacio, is currently in first grade. He is a brilliant boy full of love and kindness for everyone. He loves playing with his cousins and playing with blocks.

We moved from Puerto Rico to Arizona four years ago. After the move, we explored various school options for my son. I am forever grateful that we chose Painted Desert Montessori Academy (PDMA).  PDMA offered a safe environment where kids could learn, explore and interact with other children to become empowered learners. My son was shy and they provided him with the necessary support for him to feel secure and move forward.

The opportunity for Ignacio to attend PDMA was the best chance ever. They provided a safe environment where he could not only learn among peers but also gave him the tools necessary for him to evolve and build his self-esteem.

“I wish every family had the same right to choose their ideal school!”

I wish every family had the same right to choose their ideal school! I believe that would provide their families with the ideal foundation for their kids to move forward! If I were to leave a message to others, I would encourage them to always look forward to give their students the necessary tools to succeed!

For me, school choice means having the opportunity of choosing an ideal education system that works for your child and for your family, one that would support you in every way possible. This decision should not only be based on academics but also on emotions.


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