PROGRAM — EdChoice Scholarship

By Lincoln’s mom, Yvette.

Lincoln attended a private preschool that my husband and I sacrificed sending him to and knew that financially it would be an even greater hardship on our family to send him to private school for kindergarten. I reviewed our assigned public school’s ratings and suddenly felt a great deal of sorrow. If we allowed our financial gain to be his educational loss then we failed our son. We applied for the EdChoice Scholarship and were approved for the school of our choice that we adore and support strongly.

This is Lincoln’s second year at Polaris Christian Academy and he is currently in first grade, reading well above his grade level. He was asked to help tutor other students to become confident in their reading as well.

Lincoln’s school rewards students who display acts of kindness and selflessness to others — something that I absolutely adore. Each child has the opportunity and privilege to utilize biblical principles with staff members as well as with others in a friendly, safe environment.

I thank God for this EdChoice Scholarship. Our son is happy to learn!


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