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PROGRAM — Private

I wanted to come to Roncalli because, as a lot of people say, it is a family. When I first visited Roncalli it really clicked for me. People were genuine and the school felt caring. My parents also wanted my siblings and I to grow our faith, which is one reason why they chose private school for us.

I received a scholarship to attend Roncalli which helped my parents. Many of the activities I’m involved with are expensive, such as trap shooting. That is an opportunity that isn’t available at all schools. It teaches me responsibility and safety, as well as respect for teammates.

“People were genuine and the school felt caring.”

I also attended a private grade school, St. James. One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Meyers, our literature teacher in 7th grade. He was always there to help me. I struggled a lot in English but he would come in early to spend extra time helping me.

My favorite classes now are biology and chemistry. Next year I will take three medical classes. I want to be a pediatric oncologist. I love children and helping people and have always been interested in cancer. Children cannot help themselves, so I want to be able to help them.

I think all children should have opportunities like those I’ve had at Roncalli and my siblings have had. I think all families should have that.


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