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A scholarship to the current private school I go to allowed me to get away from a toxic environment that I did not need to be in. I am a black teenage male who was walked all over while at the public school I went to. Now, I didn’t realize how much people used me and walked over me until I decided to move to Bishop McCort Catholic High School in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I feel welcome and at peace every day I walk into the school. They provide me with a great education and amazing athletics programs.

“Because of this amazing school, I am committed to an Ivy League school, Cornell University, on a full-ride for academics.”

I believe all families should be granted the choice of what school to attend. It allows kids to have a great education that is meant for them and it allows parents to have no doubt about how their child’s day will go. It will just make life easier mentally and financially due to the fact that parents will not have to pay the tuition funds needed for a private school.


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