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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

By Ella Claire’s mom, Megan.

In 2018 our lives were changed by two small but significant words. The two words I am speaking of are school choice. 

My child was enrolled in a new public school and was struggling severely. As a parent and teacher, it broke my heart to watch a child who just the year before loved her school, and now was hiding from me in the morning so that she did not have to go. 

She was struggling in every sense of the word and there was nothing I could do about it. I watched my seven year old daughter call herself unkind words with eyes of defeat. As I spoke to more and more parents, I learned that she was just one of many. 

A local private school was hosting a scholarship night and somehow I ended up attending it. After hearing the amazing stories of other children like my own daughter, I knew that we had to apply. We applied and were awarded the Arete Scholarship in 2018 and have never looked back since. 

Thanks to generous donors, my child gets to attend a school that strives to be the best by empowering and encouraging the children. The school understands that children are more than test scores and deserve teachers and an environment that is loving and supportive. 

My daughter comes home from school smiling daily and has never felt so confident in her education and because of that I can never be thankful enough to all those who support and fund these amazing scholarships.


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