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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My name is Elijah Morales. I am 14 years old and I have been going to Mountain View Christian School since first grade. I have lived in Las Vegas my whole life. My dad is from Massachusetts. He’s Puerto Rican and Black. My mom is White and Black and so we are a good mix. We live in North Las Vegas. The first of my siblings to go to MVCS was my older brother and he graduated from the school. Then my sister came here for preschool and my youngest brother who is four, he will probably attend here for Kindergarten.

I like having a big family because they will always be there for you, but when we go to restaurants it’s expensive because there are so many of us.

“When my dad passed, teachers and students made me cards saying that they were thinking of me.”

I am getting a scholarship to go to school because we don’t have a lot of extra money. My grandma helps out but ever since my dad passed away, we have had to rely on other people for help. When he died, it was either none of us are going to go to MVCS or we would have to do online school. So that’s why scholarship is important to me. I also like going to this school. My class only has eight kids and we have formed a bond that you don’t form when there are 300 kids in a class. There is not a lot of drama going on. No one really gets mad at each other. 

My school is like a family. The teachers are there for you. When my dad passed, teachers and students made me cards saying that they were thinking of me. That meant a lot to me. I think my life is different because we have to wear uniforms. It’s different because it’s a smaller school. Here, hey focus on Christianity. Our textbooks incorporate the bible and it’s perfect for me. I feel that I’m getting a good academic education because teachers give you one-on-one attention. Every question I ask the teacher, she helps me. There is also a schedule where you can come in and get tutoring.

My favorite subject is culinary. Academic wise, my favorite subject is biology because the body is so interesting. I want to either be a nurse practitioner or a model. Sometimes I’ll just be walking in class and students say, “you should be a model.” They do make good money, so why not? I also take a yearbook class. We are working right now on the first day of school page. We went around and took pictures of kids in class, doing a weight training class, kids outside, things like that to fill up the yearbook.

I think other kids and families should have school choice because you should feel comfortable about where you go to school. It’s all about that comfort. I don’t think it’s fair that people who can pay for school can choose whichever school they want. I’m happy there are scholarships.


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