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PROGRAM — Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

We have been sending our son, Dorian, to a progressive private school since first grade. He spent the first four months of his life in a Neonatal ICU due to complications from his birth and underwent five surgeries to his gut. His ability to participate in a public school setting was compromised due to his medical history.

When we started Kino school, we needed to rely on scholarships to help us afford the tuition due to Dorian’s medical bills. We have never regretted sending Dorian to Kino – and continue to receive scholarships. We would be hard pressed to send him without them.

Continuing to send Dorian to Kino is very important to all of us for a variety of reasons. We have seen the tremendous progress he has made there and feel this is the best environment to help him thrive. In his senior year, I want him to have the continuity of completing his school years at Kino. His academics have improved enormously, with his PSAT scores as proof. He is on track for college after his senior year.

This choice supports our desire to keep Dorian in a small school that focuses on progressive education and allows a child to develop in a way that suits their individual needs. He is able to spend his time developing his strengths instead of always being frustrated and judged on areas that are more difficult for him. Therefore he has a feeling of achievement instead of failure for things that are beyond his control to change as quickly as a public school might expect.

Dorian has thrived during his high school years. He has learned to weld, is near the top of his classes academically, continues to volunteer for The Friends of the Library, plays several musical instruments, is working independently on the yearbook, and was asked to be the Kino student representative to the board this year. The positive environment at Kino has nurtured him and has helped him gain confidence in himself as he was allowed the time to develop his mind.

Dorian’s excitement for college because of his success at Kino has made all the difference. His future looks bright!

Individual school choice is important for everyone, not just those that can afford it. It helps to keep public school classes smaller and allows for choices that benefit each child.


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