I attended Elevate Academy, a charter school focusing on trades in Caldwell, Idaho. Elevate opened at the beginning of my sophomore year, and I have to say I wish they had opened up sooner. I heard everyone talking about the new school that had opened, and everyone wanted to go. I had a rough first year at the local high school, and when I heard it was a trade school, I asked my parents to transfer me.

I took Construction, Culinary, Business, and Criminal Justice in my sophomore year. In my Junior year, I picked the two trades I wanted to learn about for the next two years to get a certification upon graduation. I went with Business and Culinary – two trades perfectly set up for my future!

I chose Elevate because they care for you, want you to succeed not just in school but in everything, and will not give up on you, not even when you have given up on yourself. Not only has Elevate given me the best education I could’ve experienced they made me a better person, kinder, generous, and open-minded. Elevate prepares you for what’s coming next. Elevate is a newer and better way of learning. We’re a family, still, even five years from now. Even though I’m graduated, I could walk in those doors not having a clue what to do with the rest of my life, and there is someone there for you, wanting to help you find your NEXT STEP!

Every student is different; not every student learns the same. Once I hit the fourth grade, everyone suddenly started progressing and moving forward, and the learning was just more challenging for md. I struggled a lot. I couldn’t learn with 30-40 students and one teacher. I felt very abandoned.

When choosing a school, you want to ensure your child is getting the time and education they need. You need to know that when you send your child to school every day, they are bettering themselves for their future. When deciding where children go to school, it should never be based on how much money you have. When your child is more than capable of learning what the school has to teach, why should a student sit in a classroom and learn about some things the student already knows because they can’t afford to attend a higher educational school? Some students might need extra help or more attention from the teacher or learn things differently, like being visual learners or reading differently. Parents need to know their child is getting what they need from a school!


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