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My school is very good academically. It has really good test scores. I came to my school because my mom thought I deserved a good education, an education that my public school couldn’t provide. This school also does not have gang violence, so she sent me here. My mom believes that every child should have a choice in which education they should get and choose between what is bad and what is good.

I am happy that my mom picked a good school for me, because this school is a good place and it improved me academically and as a person.

I’ve been going to St. Mary’s for four years and I am in 8th grade. Previously, I was going to Lamont Elementary. It was good school, but the middle school I was supposed to go to, my mom believed that the test scores weren’t good enough and it wasn’t a good environment for me.

I will be moving to Virginia soon. My mom has been paying out of pocket for my school so she has sacrificed a lot for me. When I was in 5th grade, she didn’t have a well-paying job. Even thought it wasn’t enough, when I got into 7th grade, she got a good promotion and she felt good about herself, which made me happy that she was able to pay the bills.

I am doing well in school now. It is important for me to do well because it means a lot that my mom would sacrifice so much for me.

School choice means a lot to me. There might be schools near you that won’t offer you a good education, but you can choose a great private school that will help you get a better education than the local public school you would end up going to.

You deserve a choice to choose whatever school you want to go to.


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