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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

By Destiny’s Mom, Chandra:

I’m somewhat lost for words, as it relates to my dear daughter being afforded an opportunity to attend such an incredible school. Destiny’s ability to attend Faith Lutheran High School has been a major game changer in every aspect.

My daughter was lacking certain skillsets and if she hadn’t gone to Faith Lutheran, possibly those would not have been identified. Although she was severely behind in mathematics, and although it’s been a great struggle, finally she’s passed with the additional assistance.

Destiny has found her niche in becoming, and knows where she wants to attend college. The maturity level within her has increased, and I attribute it primarily from attending Faith Lutheran.

In December, 2019, Destiny encountered a health scare with her eyes. She temporarily lost vision and then it came back. The condition is called Para Vascular Sheathing. While it’s under control now, while going through many specialists to get her fully healed, her school assisted her from being absent and with getting all caught up.

We’re so thankful. Coming from a single parent home, the scholarship has been a tremendous blessing. We appreciate the Opportunity Scholarship’s support in furthering my daughter’s education, in a great learning environment.

God Bless the Opportunity Scholarship!


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