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PROGRAM — Charter School

I became an educator because I love kids, and I love to teach. Teaching is my passion. I love making sure each and every student receives everything that they need at their own pace. If it takes a little extra time, that is okay. I don’t believe in rushing a child because they might miss out on something, and it could be something very important.

“Teaching is my passion.”

KIPP Leadership Primary is the bomb. The school goes above and beyond to help us as teachers, as well as our scholars. I wouldn’t choose any other school to teach at because we are one big family and I fit in very well. The administrators care about our well-being and about us a people. We are no strangers to them.

A child’s education should not be based on their parent’s pocketbook. I don’t approve of my kids having to be placed in a certain school because of my income. I want them to be able to choose whichever school they want to attend and the school that is best for them individually. If I make my children go to school where they don’t want to go, they are not going do their best and won’t be successful.

I’m blessed.  I love my school and my scholars!


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