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Growing up as the first-generation eldest daughter of immigrants, I faced numerous challenges navigating my schooling journey.  

Coming from Milwaukee’s south side, where the quality of public education is low, I often found myself struggling without guidance. I vividly recall many emotional evenings spent with coursework, feeling alone in my academic struggles. 

My difficulties intensified during elementary school, particularly in math class. Despite my parents’ best efforts, their own education only extended to sixth grade in an underdeveloped country. It left them unable to help me.  

I experienced frustration as I dealt with concepts beyond my comprehension and a sense of hopelessness. However, a turning point came when my mother transferred me to Bruce Guadalupe, a charter school, for middle school. At the school, I found the support I so desperately needed. 

Additional math assistance was available, and I began meeting with a tutor after class. To my surprise, the teachers genuinely cared about my progress and were invested in helping me succeed. This newfound support not only grew my academic confidence but also reignited my passion for learning. 

Encouraged by my positive experience at Bruce Guadalupe, I decided to attend Carmen High School, another charter school, for my high school education. Once again, I found myself surrounded by educators who were dedicated to fostering a culture of learning.  

Reflecting on my journey, I realize the invaluable impact that charter schools can have, particularly for students from low-income communities like mine. 


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