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PROGRAM — Succeed Scholarship Program

“School choice has given me the ability to grow as a human being.”

I went into a private school when I was in fifth grade. Before that, I was homeschooled, and before that, I went to public school. When my parents decided that it was best for me to be pulled out of public school I had absolutely no objections. The classroom I was a part of, the teacher I had, and the environment surrounding me were all toxic. I then was homeschooled for the latter half of my fourth-grade year. That experience was very enjoyable to me, but I did desire to have a bigger group of students to interact with.

With the use of school choice, my parents were able to put me into a values-based private school started by my church. When I began going to this private school certain issues inside of me began to arise very quickly. I was quick to speak without thinking, I was not aware of the environment that I was in, and I had a general lack of respect.

Because of the values based environment at Prism, the teachers and school staff were very aware of the character development inside of all students. I had multiple meetings with my teacher and I was made aware of those places that needed development inside of me. We worked over the year to deal with the things I had been struggling with. By the end of the year those became obsolete to a degree. The next year was another year of character growth inside of me. Every year since has been the best year I have ever had because I continue to become a better person.

Private school has not only made me become a better person, but I also am given certain career opportunities that I would not get anywhere else. Because of the schools that I am in and the community culture that it builds, I am acquainted with many of the parents of younger students across the school.

I began talking to one parent about a two year project that I have to complete in order to graduate. He was very interested in hearing about it and, as it turns out, he works in the field that I was want to look into. He later offered me an internship with a very reputable company. I have been there for the past month and am getting practical experience in a field that I want to pursue when I graduate.

In conclusion, school choice has given me the ability to grow as a human being, along with giving me a very real opportunity to get involved in a career before I have even graduated.


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