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I work on the primary side of the campus at St. Mary’s Academy with our lower grades, pre-K four through second grade.  These grade levels are the foundation for their education and are critical for learning and absorbing new information. We have a lot of young parents; this is the first time their children are in school. So, to give them the comfort level that this is a safe place to come, a beautiful place to get an education, and dedicated individuals mean a lot to them.

I am a graduate of St. Mary’s academy from a while ago. I am honored and proud of that because I have come full circle! To have the opportunity to come and work at the school that prepared me for life is a huge honor for me. There is a tradition here of genuine caring and preparation for the future to be a good and successful citizen.  I’ve certainly taken those qualities with me as I’ve come to adulthood.

The opportunity to have a Catholic education is very important to some of the families in this community. Unlike some of our educational systems that do not have a faith base, we do. We found that our faith creates a support system. Our faith gives us encouragement by knowing that we are never alone.

St. Mary’s is such a special school for students and for staff. Our traditions, genuine caring, and family-type environment, all create a place where you know that you can get the support you need for whatever challenges that you have to deal with in life.

Having educational choice matters. Having the option to attend our school gives our students an opportunity for them to have a quality and well-rounded education.  School is not just meant to feed the educational aspects, but also nurture those things that are needed to grow in life.


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