A school choice scholarship gave my family and I a chance to get my kids a better education. Because there were so many other students in the failing public school system, my children could not learn as much as they could in the schools they attended before Anna Julia Cooper School.

Anna Julia Cooper School has created a welcoming community for everyone, regardless of circumstance, allowing my children to flourish and become excellent students. AJCS has not only provided my children with space and support while they were at that school but has also continued to support one of my daughters after graduation with no problem. It goes without saying that Anna Julia Cooper School was the best thing that ever happened to my and my children’s lives.

All families, regardless of means, should be permitted to give each child the kind of education that enables them to learn. Education is the process of receiving or imparting systematic instruction not hampered by financial constraints. If school is supposed to be a welcoming and educational environment, shouldn’t we make it available to anyone who truly desires opportunities? Doesn’t everyone deserve better education and the opportunity to find their calling?


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