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PROGRAM — Charter School

I am currently a junior in high school going into my senior year.

My schools helps us grow. When I attended a different school I was on a low level on tests. I was growing but not tremendously. I attended this school and my ninth grade year I grew four years. Not one nor two, but four. I believe they really give us what we need in order to grow in both academics and behavior.

Something I love about my school is they give students the opportunity to help. They give students the chance to share their voice. I was an operations intern and student ambassador, which gave me so many chances to share my opinions with students, teachers and parents.

Families can choose this school regardless of income because ANYONE is welcomed. And we are the number one school in growth. Your child/children will learn, grow and be successful. Not only that, this school is even willing to help their students throughout their high school experience.

My school encourages EVERY student to go to college and change the world as learners and leaders.


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