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PROGRAM — Charter School

Why did you become an educator?

I became an educator because I wanted to be to the generations after me what my teachers were for me. As an African American woman, I began to see the importance and the impact that having African American teachers had on the youth. Once in the classroom, I thought of all the lessons I had learned and all of the lessons I wanted to learn about life and the world around me and I implemented those lessons in my classroom.

What do you love about your school?

What I love about my school is the diligence that is placed on closing the achievement gap. It is noted that kids from low socio-economic backgrounds aren’t always allotted the same value of education as those who come from more affluent families and neighborhoods. My campus places emphasis on preparing our students to be able to compete with their counterparts as they matriculate into college and the workforce.

Why is it important that lower income children can attend schools of choice?

As stated above, it is known that schools in more affluent neighborhoods are often provided better resources that tend to nurture the idea of being smarter and more competitive. However, when all students are able to receive the same value of education it closes the gap in what students feel they are capable of achieving.


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