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My daughter is almost six. She’s had an Empowerment Scholarship Account since she was three years old. She is autistic, has a speech delay, occupational therapy needs, and a short attention span. After countless IEP meetings through public school, my husband and I decided public school was not for her.

“Having the ESA opened many doors for my daughter to be able to learn in different ways.”

Having the ESA opened many doors for my daughter to be able to learn in different ways. We homeschool her with a Christian curriculum called My Fathers World. I love that we get to prioritize Jesus Christ in my daughters education and in her life. She also gets to go to weekly swim classes, dance classes, and equine therapy for social interaction with other children. Having the freedom to learn at home has made such an impact on all of our lives. My daughter does not feel the stress that she would at regular school if she were to fall behind. She gets to learn at her own pace, some weeks are quicker and some weeks are more challenging, but it is all worth it! I wouldn’t change it for the world.

All families should be able to choose the right education for their child because parents know what is best for our child. Each family prioritizes different things in education, whether that being book smart, being respectful, or for our family, making Jesus Christ our priority. Regular school does not teach anything about Jesus and living with godly standards. I would never be able to send my daughter to a school that teaches about defunding the police, separating racial groups, or making people feel bad for being a certain color.


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