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Bentley is a young boy with a very big personality. He has the ability to make any situation into something fun due to his creativity and positive attitude. Since the moment he was able to attend pre-school Bentley has been eager to go to school. His love for school has only increased since entering Victory. He says his favorite things about school are “fun Fridays”, his friends, and his teacher, Mrs. Young. Bentley even asks his Nana if she could pick him up later so he can play with his friends after school.

Aundrea, Bentley’s mother, chose Victory Christian Academy for her child because she saw the positive effect it had on her cousin. After watching her cousin thrive and graduate, she decided on Victory for Bentley. She had this to say:

“I dreaded going to school and I did not want my baby to have that experience. When I attended school, I don’t think I received the proper educational, emotional, and developmental support I needed. For my son, I wanted him to be excited to go to school. I also wanted Bentley to not have to worry about being bullied as I had been. At Victory, my cousin transformed from someone who hated school to spending most of her time there. After seeing that, I knew that is where my son needed to be.”

I never have to worry if my son is getting enough attention. The school always discusses his progress and what he needs to work on with us. I know for a fact that he is loved and cared for when he goes to school. I think school choice is an extremely important option to have. Everybody wants what is best for their child, and I don’t believe that my zip code should determine whether or not my child gets the best education for him or not. School choice means being able to make the best choice for your children. The ability to ensure that your children are getting the education to which they are entitled should be a given. No parent should have to compromise on something as important as their child’s schooling.



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