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I chose this school because it was an excellent opportunity for me. This school is truly special and will make a big difference in my life. Not only with the work they do at school but as well as the work they do with partnerships they have in the city. This was truly a blessing for me to come to Cristo Rey, and I don’t regret coming. I appreciate all that the staff has tried to do and has done to work with us.

My story shows the importance of school choice. All families, regardless of income, should be able to choose the right school for their child because every child has a different learning process. Not only that, but they might learn better in different environments. For example, I am thriving in Cristo Rey and truly learning and better understanding school.

If another child would thrive like I am at Cristo Rey, then they should have the chance for that regardless of income issues. Limiting students to an environment that doesn’t work for them is ridiculous. Also, parents have a right to put their children in the best environment for their children to flourish and achieve.


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