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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Arienna FrankI am 12 years old and I attend 7th grade at Family Worship Christian AcademyThe Louisiana Scholarship Program you have gifted me with has made a major impact on my life and educationI learn better and moreI like the small classes, have grown closer to God and feel safe at school.   

First the scholarship has changed my life by allowing me to attend Family Worship Christian Academy, and I have been taught many things that I never learned at the public schoolsI am doing better I math and actually in all subjectsI have made amazing friends that I am thankful for and small classesThe smaller class sizes have less students which means the teacher can help everyone and there are less people to make commotionThis helps us pay attention more. 

The school also has great teachers who work us hard because they see the potential in all of usThe teachers give us extended time on work and help us understand the materialThey also put is in groups of four to make it easier for them to work with all of us.   

I have also gained a closer and stronger relationship with God through classes and churchOn Fridays we go to worship where we sing gospel songs and people speak highly about God We also pray the Our Father prayer every morning. 

Family Worship Christian Academy is an amazing school that provides everything I desire, and I need to be successfulWe are also protected at the school, and I feel safe 


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