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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Anthony Coleman, and I have been going to Family Worship Christian Academy for nine years. I am so happy to be here on a scholarship from the Louisiana Scholarship Program. I have made amazing friends and have gained much knowledge over the course of these years. I have met incredibly smart and fun teachers. They have encouraged me to be kind and happy. They have inspired me and helped me in many ways. I also help the teachers sometimes. 

Sometimes I have actually taught teachers things they did not even knowOne thing I learned from Family Worship Christian Academy is that you might fall, but you get up and keep tryingThe teachers have taught me to cooperate with others and find how I can help themThey love me and I love them backI have come a long way from being in pre-k to now being a seventh graderFamily Worship Christian Academy has taught me how to be a great person. I hope to stay longer, make new friends and learn even more knowledge than I know now. 


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