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PROGRAM — Charter School

Andrew is a sweet boy who always has a smile on his face. He has faced many challenges in his life but has not let any of them stop him. He is a joy to have around and we are proud to be his parents.

We tried three schools before landing at Painted Desert Montessori. From the moment I walked in to tour the campus, I knew it was the right fit for our family. Everyone that attends PDMA is a family and family is most important in our book. The support that we get from the teachers and administrators does not compare to the schools we have attended in the past. I love that the staff genuinely cares about every student on campus.

School choice has made a difference in my child and family. Not all of my children learn the same, so having a choice about where my child attends is very important to our family. Painted Desert Montessori works for all of my children and their learning styles.

I believe more families should have the same privilege I’ve had in exercising school choice because if your current school is not working for your student then I encourage other parents to look into what options are available to them. We are our children’s biggest advocate when it comes to their education.  A traditional way of learning may work for some but not for others. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you may be sorry you waited so long to take the leap!

“I can support my kid’s education the best way I know how because I have a choice on where they go to school.”

School choice means doing what is best for my family.  If I was not able to choose where my kids go to school then they would all be miserable and therefore, so would I. I can support my kid’s education the best way I know how because I have a choice on where they go to school.


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