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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship

My journey to a high-quality education took me through both public and private schools. I started Kindergarten in a public school. However, my mom wanted a different environment for me. She enrolled me in our local private school the next year. I liked my private school, and I would’ve attended that school for a longer time, but at the end of my third-grade year, the school closed its doors.   

The rest of my elementary school years were spent at a different public school where I excelled. But everything changed in seventh grade after I transferred to a new public middle school. The learning environment at this school was very different from what I was used to; the classrooms were a lot bigger, the curriculum seemed a little behind, and the teachers didn’t seem to care if their students succeeded or not.  

All my life, I was considered a bright, joyful, and happy kid who stayed out of trouble and enjoyed learning and going to school. Once I started attending my school, everyone around me noticed a change in my demeanor and behavior.   

I started using foul language, became depressed and just didn’t enjoy going to school anymore.   

I’ll never forget the time I was sitting in class when a student next to me began cutting herself with a pair of scissors. When I informed the teacher of what was happening, she didn’t try to help.    

That moment broke me.  

I couldn’t stay there any longer, but I didn’t have many options. Thankfully, my mother started looking for better options, and that’s when she learned about North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship.  

Once I received the scholarship, my mother told me I would be attending Wayne Christian, a private school. I was ecstatic! I wouldn’t have to be in chaotic classrooms or dangerous environments anymore. I would be in environments where I wanted to succeed, and all my academic needs were met.  

My new school brought back the Amoree that loved school.  

I graduated Wayne Christian and am now attending East Carolina University where I am pursuing a degree in occupational therapy.  

Because of the Opportunity Scholarship, I received a wonderful education, great athletics opportunities and I am happy to know that because of the program my little brother can also attend the school that works best for him.  

I am very grateful for school choice because it changed my entire future.


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