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PROGRAM — Charter School

My daughter Alondra is a wonderful kid to have around. She loves to paint and she is very crafty. She also loves softball and karate. Through Painted Desert Montessori Academy (PDMA) she gets to put her skills to practice and develop a mindset to know what she wants for the future.

This school provides a different option for students, who are immersed in a unique academic experience. For example, students learn using real academic tools before abstract learning. This sets the foundation for curiosity and a thirst to know what’s next. Ever since we’ve started this school four years ago, my daughter has never complained about going to school. PDMA provides a healthy and safe environment where teachers are seen as part of everyone’s family. Thank you PDMA Familia!

“Ever since we’ve started this school four years ago, my daughter has never complained about going to school.”

When we first arrived to Arizona, our daughter needed very specific teaching to be a confident English learner. PDMA provided not only the support but the motivation from her teacher to grow and become strong and confident.

Parents and students should have the option to choose their child’s education. Students deserve not only to learn but to grow and become loving and respectful human beings. It is true what they say: “they are the future!.” This future starts with the basic need for every student to be loved and feel safe. I encourage parents to always seek what’s best for their kids.

Choice means having the option for a better future for all students. A choice gives parents and students the power to decide what is best for them and to act quickly to ensure the foundation is set. As a parent, I want my daughter to go to college. We have set the bar high. We are moving forward and with the support of the school’s community, we will succeed.


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