PROGRAM — Charter School

My name is Alondra Rosario Gonzalez. I am in eighth grade and I go to a charter school called PDMA. I love sports, reading, and science. My school has helped me in many ways. When I first came into PDMA I was starting fourth grade and I barely knew anything about Montessori. I am from Puerto Rico and I went to a Catholic school. I didn’t know what to do in a Montessori school, but the teachers there taught me more and more which helped me a lot. Little by little I became confident not only in myself but also in my learning. Now I am in eighth grade in the same school teaching other kids what it means to be a Montessori student.

I think everyone should have a chance in charter schools. Charter schools are way different than traditional schools which makes our schools unique. Charter schools differ from other schools, they help students use their imagination, which helps them be adventurous and more outgoing. That is why everybody should get an opportunity in charter schools!

“Without school choice, I wouldn’t be able to attend my unique school.”

School choice provided the ability to choose my charter school Painted Desert Montessori Academy and more. Without school choice, I wouldn’t be able to attend my unique school. School choice lets us choose what school we would like to go to, what’s more comfortable for us, and what type of learning helps more, instead of trying to fit in a traditional school that doesn’t support my style of learning.


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