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PROGRAM — Ed Choice Scholarship

Written by Aleah’s mother, Tiffany.

For some, private school is a family tradition and esteemed privilege. For others, it may be the only choice one has to ensure a quality and meaningful education. Our daughter, Aleah, has attended a private, Christian school her entire life. Sending her to her assigned public school in the area we live in was never considered an option for us. We knew that in order for her to have the best educational experience, she would have to attend a private school.

I learned of the Ohio Educational Choice Scholarship through a friend at church. When I first heard of it, I thought it was too good to be true, right. There was no way that all this free money would be available to hundreds of students to give them a better education. But it was true and our family is so grateful for the scholarship. Aleah attends Shepherd Christian School and her experience has truly been phenomenal.

We like the smaller class sizes and the academic benefits of being in a private school. Aleah has absolutely LOVED every single teacher she has had at Shepherd. We know beyond a doubt that private school has made a difference in Aleah’s life. Her character is extraordinary. And because it’s a Christian private school, they are teaching her spiritual values that we also embrace at home.

We feel very fortunate to receive the Ohio Ed Choice Scholarship each year. We know that without it, we may have had to make some very tough decisions as we endeavor to give our children the best possible school experience.


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