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I began my Catholic school education when I was in kindergarten and I believe that it is one of the best choices that my parents ever made. Luckily my parents had the choice and ability to allow all three of their children to attend a Catholic school. My brothers and I attended Catholic School from kindergarten until our senior years of high school.

My experience at Catholic schools allows me to not only be independent in my faith and education but also taught me to be independent in my everyday life. Independence was a main value at my all girls high school because the school wants us to be able to provide for not only ourselves but also our families. Catholic school also provided us with the necessities to succeed in the next stages of life.

I believe that every family should have the opportunity to choose where their children receive their education, because this choice affects the lives of the children greatly. In addition to the choice of schooling for their children, I also hope that all people would be able to gain the financial help needed to provide this education. My brothers and I received this help through not only work study, but also scholarships created by generous donors. Without the help of the schools we attended and the donors generosity, my family would have struggled to provide the education that we had deemed necessary.

All families throughout the United States and beyond, deserve the right in choosing the way that each of their children is being educated and my personal opinion is that there is no better choice than Catholic school


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