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PROGRAM — Charter School

Abby has a great soul and loves to play with dolls, swim in the pool, and go out to get pizza.

I chose to send Abby to Imagine Cortez School because I want a better future for her. I wanted her to go to a better school. She is a very smart and talented student who loves math and she is very good at it. Abby spends most of her time at her aunt’s house and she needs to go to a good school where she can learn, be better at specific subjects and be happy.

Abby has never received a scholarship before at a public school but now at this charter school she received one. My family and I are really proud of her.

I have always known what’s best for my child and taking her to a charter school is the best choice I have ever made for her. From parent to parent, I think it’s the best choice for our kids during this pandemic.

School choice means a lot because I now know what kind of schools are best for my children and a charter is best for them. Honestly I feel this is the best decision I have ever made.

“Taking her to a charter school is the best choice I have ever made for her.”


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