I am one of six children and the first of my family to attend a private school.  My sister is a junior at Bishop Luers, and my younger brother and sister attend St. John the Baptist School; they all receive the School Choice Scholarship. I never would have imagined myself where I am today eight years ago, but I would have it no other way. The only reason that I was able to attend Bishop Luers is because the School Choice program has assisted my family tremendously. Now four of the six children have been able to attend private school and my parents are grateful because they know we are receiving a faith based, quality education that is preparing us for college.

At Luers I faced new challenges everyday that helped prepare me for my current endeavors. There were many times I took on more than I could handle, but with all the support from the staff and students, I was always able to push through and make it out stronger than I was before. Through the assistance the School Choice program granted me, attending Luers not only threw many challenges at me, they taught me how to persevere through.

Freshman year I came in as the “new girl” from a public school.  I thought I was ready for high school, but after my first big exam I realized I truly was behind academically. So on top of trying to fit in, I had to catch up. Without the support and assistance from all the teachers that believed in me, I would not be where I am today in my education. Along with the challenges, I was also granted some amazing opportunities like, being able to meet the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

Now as a college student, I’m able to carry out the knowledge, skills, and talents that have been made accessible to me since my parents and I were able to choose the perfect fit for me. Without all of the support that I have been shown to this day, I would not be as successful inside or outside of the classroom. I was well prepared for college, and I am looking forward to becoming an optometrist in the near future.

Without the continued support from all those in favor of the School Choice Program, I would not be where I am today academically. I firmly believe that the School Choice Program has forever changed my life and will continue to help my family and many other families that are financially burdened.”