I went to St. Bernadette Catholic school for grade school and go to Gross High School now, where I am a senior. The ability to attend private school has really benefited me, especially in my faith life. It’s given me the opportunity to talk about God when otherwise I may not have been able to. I’ve also had teachers who allow me to grow into a better person and come to know me on a person level. They treat me like a human being and want me to be successful in my education and my worldview as well.

“I believe in school choice because where you live or how much your parents make shouldn’t determine whether you get a proper education or not.”

My life would be very different if I couldn’t attend Catholic school. I’ve learned so many different things about myself. I learned to be a leader and am now the student body president. I’m also involved in drama club, youth group, and the editor of the yearbook. If I’d gone anywhere else I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities to be as successful as I am now.

My parents immigrated to the United States from Sudan when my mom was pregnant with me. I have four brothers, two older and two younger. I’ve gone to Catholic school my entire life. Most people think if you go to private school you’re rich, but in reality my family does have our financial challenges. Coming to the US, education was my parents top priority. They wanted my brothers and I to get the best education we could, which is why we ended up in Catholic schools. They are very happy with that decision regardless of the financial burden. They feel the outcome has been worth the struggle.

When my parents first came to the US, English was very hard for them. They divorced when I was young. From a young age, I used the education I received at school to help my mom at home and be a voice for her when she didn’t know how to phonate her thoughts into English. So I’ve always been interested in helping others who can’t speak up for themselves. In my career, I want to be that person that can help others in tough situations.

I believe in school choice because where you live or how much your parents make shouldn’t determine whether you get a proper education or not. Everyone should have the same opportunity to get a good education. Giving all children an equal chance for a great education will push them to achieve their full potential

I’m a prime example of how school choice is actually working. If other people had the same opportunity that I did, who knows how that might change the world. There could be a child who would be the next president of the united states but the education available to him or her won’t make that possible. So I believe parents should have the opportunity to choose where their child will go to school. If every child had that opportunity, to attend the school that would best suit their needs, then there’s no telling what this generation could do.