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Press Release

Tennessee Expands Individualized Education Account Eligibility to Students with Dyslexia

The Tennessee General Assembly expanded the state’s Individualized Education Account program to include students with dyslexia Monday, when the House of Representatives voted 69-21 in favor of the measure. 
The bill previously passed the Tennessee Senate 24-7. The legislation now heads to Governor Lee’s desk. He is expected to sign the bill into law in the coming days.
Statement from John Patton, State Director of the American Federation for Children-Tennessee:
“The Tennessee House voted tonight to put students over systems. Adding students with dyslexia to the Individual Education Savings Account program will give families tools and support to seek a quality education suited to their needs. We are grateful to Pro Tempore Ferrell Haile and Chairwoman Debra Moody for sponsoring this important legislation.”

    • Tennessee’s IEA program allows students with disabilities including autism, hearing and vision impairments, and traumatic brain injury to use education funds in the private school determined by their parents to best serve their needs.
    • Eligible students receive approximately $7,800 in funding a year to use toward tuition, tutoring, and therapies.
    • The expansion to students with dyslexia would increase the number of Tennessee students eligible by approximately 36,000.


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