Benita Sparks-Gardner was raised in Northern California where she went to school from K-12th grade. After graduating from high school, she attended Stanford University.  Later she worked as a teller at a bank and worked her way up to become a branch manager. Benita worked in banking for 10 years before settling down to start a family, when she became an entrepreneur and started her own daycare center so she could raise her twin girls at home, while working.

Benita completed her undergraduate education at the University of Phoenix where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and subsequently worked various temporary assignments as a Senior Accountant in the D.C. area. In April 2010, Benita began a temporary assignment at American Federation for Children that turned into a full-time job and her current role with the organization.

In 2019, Benita acquired an SHRM HR Management certificate.

During her free time, Benita loves to cook, dance, ride bike, practice natural healing, go to concerts and spend quality time with friends & family.