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Last year we launched the Future Leaders Fellowship program. The idea was simple: Find outstanding young people who benefitted from school choice programs and provide training and experiences to empower them to become the next leaders in education advocacy.
Our 2019 cohort consisted of seven remarkable men and women. This year, our 2020 cohort grew to 13. From meeting with the PresidentSecretary of EducationU.S. Senators, and Governors, to appearing on national cable news, publishing op-eds, and testifying before state legislatures and education forums, our fellows are already making a mark in the advocacy space.

We want to extend a special thanks to those who have contributed to the success of the fellowship, including many of the most respected and sought after leaders in the movement who have taken the time to meet with our fellows, and the many organizations that have partnered with us to elevate the voices and stories of these incredible young people.


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