TAKE ACTION to Support Educational Choice

AFC’s experienced team works in state legislatures across the country and in Washington, DC. to create and expand educational opportunity for families and children. Since 2009, our team has produced 131 legislative actions creating and expanding voucher, tax credit scholarship and education savings account laws; and 20 legislative actions supporting charter schools.

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At the federal level, this year Congress and the President have an unprecedented window of opportunity to dramatically expand educational choice across the country through a federal education tax credit. This tax credit would allow corporate and individual donors to make charitable contributions to state non-profits who provide scholarships for children to attend private schools. The donors would then receive a federal tax credit for their contribution.

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. A federal education tax credit could help more than 1 million students access a quality education. Two decades of research has shown that students participating in private school choice programs graduate and go to college at higher rates than students in traditional public schools. More high school and college graduates leads to greater labor participation, higher earnings for graduates, and increased GDP for America. CLICK GET STARTED TO CONTACT YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE AND U.S. SENATOR, AND TELL THEM TO SUPPORT A FEDERAL EDUCATION TAX CREDIT.

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