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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Wendell’s mom, Lakeisha

Family Worship Christian Academy was my number one choice for Wendell.  I first learned about FWCA through two of my cousins whom had children attending this school.  When I asked them questions pertaining to their thoughts and feelings about FWCA, they had nothing but positive things to say.  After hearing their commentary, I was very interested in finding out more about FWCA for my child. I must say, I’m pleased that my son is attending this great school.  
One of the things I love about FWCA is that you can see the teachers and faculty truly work with the students to ensure they receive the best education possible.  I attended a program FWCA held and was amazed to how well the students performed, especially the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.  They displayed confidence and showed structure and discipline.  Another fact that I love about FWCA is that you feel a sense of relief because you can see that the school is safe and peaceful.  I also love that the children are being taught about God through the Bible. 
We were extremely happy that Wendell was granted the Louisiana Scholarship to attend kindergarten this year.  It was a great relief to know that we would be able to send him to a school of our choice and not worry about how we were going to afford it.  Because of this great opportunity, we as parents are able to focus more of our energy ensuring that he is receiving all the help he needs to further his education.  
We are truly grateful that this scholarship exists because it helps give children an opportunity to receive the best education possible whether it’s at FWCA or any other great school. We are forever grateful for this opportunity! 


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