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The ESA scholarship has allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream of being able to homeschool my children. We live in a rural town that takes 20 minutes to drive to our local elementary school. Because our town is so small, we are not technically deemed a “city”. So, we do not receive the typical funding you can expect in a metro area for instance. Because of this we are expected to buy everything on our own and as you can imagine the school is not the best rated due to the poor funding received.

With ESA I am not only able to get my children the resources to provide them the best education possible, but I am also able to do so in an environment I’ve spent years making as safe and comfortable as possible for them. To them their mother is their safe space and there’s no greater feeling than being able to truly “raise” my children in all aspects of life including their education.

There’s a saying I like that goes “it is easier to raise a child than to raise an adult.” Schooling and education are one of the most important aspects of a child’s life and it’s crucial that families be allowed to choose the best they can for their child. At the end of the day income should not be a concern as every child should be treated equally and have the opportunity to obtain the right education to meet their needs.

Through Voices for Choice I was able to find information on the ESA scholarship and apply for my children. If not for Voices for Choice I do not know if I would have discovered just how diverse education can go and how many options. I actually had as a parent to opportunity to choose the best path for my child. For that I am forever grateful.


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