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My parents chose my first school because they thought it would protect me from bad things, but in reality, it didn’t. I think school choice is something that you need to fight for because a school can impact the mental health and saftey of kids and teens a lot. I think private-Christian education is very important because I think some public schools lack a sense of relationship and morals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Christian, but in some schools there is a more controlled environment than others. A good fit makes you feel less intimidated by things that would happen.

“Students can be deeply impacted by school choice.”

Students can be deeply impacted by school choice. Most kids who don’t fit in any school get bullied and their mental health is affected. I was bullied because I didn’t fit. Throughout school my mental health was not the best. I dont want parents to have to worry about what’s happening to thier children each day. That’s where school choice can help. I think that is a very big burden that someone should not have to go through.


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