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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

I became an educator because I wanted to give back; giving hope and opportunities to families in my home community. I believe our students deserve every opportunity to grow and learn in a productive and safe environment. I love witnessing the “ah ha” moments when students grasp a concept or achieve a skill they have persistently worked hard to overcome.

I love that Family Worship Christian Academy affords me the opportunity to teach students in a way where I can connect with them and their parents as a joint community. I feel supported and understood in my environment, and I strive to give that same confidence to my students. My co-workers and superiors are very supportive and encouraging. We collaborate on ideas and practices to enhance the student body as a whole.

“Obtaining a fine education should be a right of every American regardless of economic status.”

Obtaining a fine education should be a right of every American regardless of economic status. Most often, those in underprivileged areas are only afforded substandard services. Every student deserves an opportunity to discover and develop the dreams they carry inside. A whole generation can change when one dream is realized. Educating a child grows beyond academics. True education reaches out to the whole student, encompassing spirit, soul, and body.




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