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I am parent of two children attending a Parker Apostolic Christian Academy. I have five children total. My oldest started attending the Parker Apostolic Christian School right after Preschool in 2017, however he did not qualify for the scholarship through ESA due to me applying late. My second child is on the ESA scholarship and she just finished kindergarten from Parker Apostolic Christian Academy.

I have attended Parker Apostolic Church since birth. I was raised in that church and when the school first opened up in 2006 I said to myself, “when I have children, I hope this school is still open so I can send my children.” When my son, who is now seven and going to be in 3rd grade at the PACA, promoted from C.R.I.T. Headstart, my husband and I had to make a decision of whether or not to send him to PACA or Public School. We said wherever we send the first child, we are going to send all our children to that school. Being that PACA was at the church we attend, the decision was to send our first child to PACA. We now have three children attending PACA and we are so grateful and all our children love attending school at Parker Christian Academy.

Parker Apostolic Christian Academy is a perfect fit for our children because the school is faith based. Our family is religious and PACA does include scripture and values and morals that we believe in as Christians.

Most importantly, I love that my children love attending PACA and are excited to learn everyday. I love that my children are learning at their own pace and they are not rushed, or left behind, and they don’t have to wait on another student in order for them to move forward.

It is important that all families can attend a school they choose because you should want your child to succeed and should want them to be excited about learning. Children should not feel rushed at learning. Some children are fast learners and there are some that are not as fast. We as parents should make sure our child is actually getting the education they need.

I would like to thank ESA for approving two of my children for the scholarship. I am so grateful for the help.


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