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PROGRAM — Indiana Choice Scholarship Program

Growing up, I did my homework, studied, and participated in school events; that was the example my parents and older siblings set for me. I enjoyed getting high grades, but it wasn’t because I cared for my education. It is universal that an A is what a student should aim for and an F is what they should avoid. As I got older, I began to understand the difference between private education and public education. With that, I also understood the sacrifices my family had to make for me to gain a private education.

I became more curious as to why my parents felt those sacrifices were worth it. My mother did not grow up with private education and she dreamed of attaining a private education for her children. My focus to get high grades then became geared towards my mother’s dream. However, it still did not have personal meaning to me. I kept learning about the differences in education and what the school choice program could do for me and my family.

My parents had to make many sacrifices in their life in order to give four children private education. For them, it was worth it. I am thankful that my parents made that choice. I was even more thankful when my family was eligible to receive the school choice scholarship for our education. The school choice scholarship helped to relieve the financial burden placed on my parents. I love the education I received. But, it is sad that my parents had to struggle and adjust their lifestyle to give me something that should be a right.

The school choice program allowed me to receive the private education my mother dreamed of without causing as much financial stress within my family. Private education meant small class sizes, one-to-one help from teachers, and having a relationship with the teachers and faculty. My education gave me a chance to find help when my grades were suffering and allowed me to be proud of my grades. I believe that the education I had growing up, gave me the work ethic I had in college. My work ethic allowed me to pursue anything I wanted in college. I took 18 credit hour semesters, ran cross country and track, worked two jobs, and had an internship all while maintaining my grades to make it onto the dean’s list.

“I believe everyone should have the opportunity to receive an education that is right for them.”

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to receive an education that is right for them. Choices on education should not cost more nor should it cause your family difficulties. Education should be a right and not a privilege. I see my private education as a gift, but education should not be a treat. Everyone deserves to be able to learn in the environment that they feel is right for them, no matter their income.


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