PROGRAM — Tax Credit Scholarship

My name is Jeraldo Rodriguez and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I’m a father of four children.  

In July of 2015, my son Jerry Jr. and daughter Kiara lost their mom in a house fire while we were all sleeping. Jerry had 35% of his body burnt and Kiara had 15% of her body burnt. Both had skin grafts. 

If Jerry would have stayed in the public school system, I feel like there wouldn’t have been a lot of attention on him, making sure he wasn’t bullied.  

Having the scholarship program for my family means a lot. Because of these resources, you’re able to be a doctor. You’re able to be an astronaut. You’re able to be whatever you want to be. 

This scholarship shows families that their children are capable of great things. They can go to Harvard. They can go to Yale. They can go to any college they want to.


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