Where would my son be without Christian education? I dare not imagine. He’s a quiet kid, always learning from those around him. While this can be an amazing gift, it works best if he is surrounded by those who influence him positively. Those types of people are hard to find in this crazy world, but we thank God that he has found positive influences at Christian schools.

Reed, our son, began his education at Emmanuel Lutheran in Tempe where he thrived in small class sizes with teachers who knew our family and all the families in his classroom. Reed’s teachers knew that he needs gentle guidance and provided love at every turn. One such teacher who stands out was his eighth-grade teacher. Reed loved him as a teacher and coach who taught Reed through academics and athletics, about kindness, hard work, and how to be a Christian in an un-Christian world. We knew all of his classmates and their families, as well, which created an amazing family atmosphere. We were sad when he graduated from Emmanuel. Isn’t that very telling?!

Reed moved onto high school at Arizona Lutheran Academy were the influences in his life have broadened substantially. But we are thrilled at ALA too. He’s found friends that we trust, who encourage him in positive ways. We’ve found teachers/coaches who pay attention to him and work to find ways for him to succeed in the classroom and on the court. Where would Reed be without Christian education? We cannot even imagine!

Long ago, Christian education was accessible to any family who belonged to a church. Those days are long gone. But families still seek the safe, loving environments found in Christian schools. Unfortunately, it comes with a price tag.

“Regardless of the cost, parents need to be empowered to choose what’s right for their children.”

Regardless of the cost, parents need to be empowered to choose what’s right for their children. Would you let a young child swim alone at a random spot at a lake because it’s “free,” or take them to the paid swim entry with lifeguards? Of course, you’d choose a safe environment. No matter the cost, you NEED to place your children in an environment that fits them best. Don’t wait!


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