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I work at Weatherford Academy in the nursery. My job is to ensure the saftey of our babies and to ensure their needs are met. I show them love, care, and support.

It’s amazing how that can be such a simple but complicated thing. I have an eight month old. He just started last week here at Weatherford last week, and he already stands up by himself and is taking short steps.

I think it is very important for families to be able to put babies here?
Enviroments like this nurtures them. There’s alot of healthy communication in this place, the parent’s know what’s going on with thier kids, and they know we keep them safe. This school is like a big old family.

I intend for my kids to grow up in this school through second grade. We wouldn’t be able to do that wiould the Lousiana Scholarship Programs. I am thankful that those programs exist to make Weatherford a reality for me and my family.


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