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PROGRAM — School Tuition Organization

A scholarship helped my child to enroll into a Catholic school. At first I had no idea what scholarships were and how they worked. Until I decided to learn about it. That’s when I realized the school education system in private schools was better.

I decided to apply for a Catholic school. I also asked for help as I could not pay the whole school tuition. That’s where scholarships came in and have helped me so much. Thanks to scholarships, my child was able to stay and receive a great education. Later I transferred my child into another school but the resources were also there to help. The difference it has made in my life is seeing my child happy and receiving an education. I have seen her grow with her new teachings.

All families regardless of income should be able to choose the right school. And they deserve the right to attend the school they choose. The child would also appreciate it more and would have a better experience. Income is not something  families should be discriminated over. As it does not say who you are, nor should it give you less opportunities to achieve your potential.

Regardless of income, there are people who will help you to enroll your child/children in the right school for them. Families should have the right to choose the perfect school for their children as they will become the future of our world.


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