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PROGRAM — Charter School

I am a mother of four toddlers attending grades from kindergarten to 4th grade. Two of my children have special needs. That was main concern on choosing a good school that will fit their needs. That was most important reason I chose a charter school for my kids. A school that has small classes and was able to help them. Education is very important. But when it comes to special education teachers and their ability to help children, always choose a school that fits your child’s needs. I am very happy and very proud of school and teachers at Academia Del Pueblo Charter School for helping my children and providing all the services they need. My children have received a good education at a charter school, and I always will choose a charter school rather than a public school.

Education should be priority of our government. School boards have to push a little bit more for those who don’t have a word. We need more schools with chair accessibility, more teachers for kids with Down syndrome and all special needs classes where they can grow as individuals. Families have the right to choose their kid’s school. As parents we want the best for our kids. If your child feels insecure at school, go out there and find other school where your child feels safe.


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