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PROGRAM — Children's Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania

To me, school choice means you have the freedom to choose what type of education you want without having any problems. I’m Antoinette Chase and I’m currently in the 7th grade. I have been going to a Catholic school ever since Kindergarten. The experience has been amazing for me and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my mom supporting me and the Children’s Scholarship Fund.

I’ve always been one of the smart kids in my class and I have to thank the education system for that. Today I’m in a program called the “Sophia program.” We are challenged more than other students and we have to stay after school Monday – Thursday until 5:00 pm. This program helps students get into some of the top high school and get scholarships to afford high schools.

I have noticed that students who transfer from public schools seem to struggle in the Catholic school system, so I’m glad to have been in a Catholic school since I was young. The freedom of school choice has brought me to where I am today and I’m so thankful I had an opportunity like this. Having the freedom of school choice is an amazing privilege that I think everyone should have.

I feel as if all children should be able to attend the schools they wish so they can succeed in life. Going to a school you prefer could give you inspiration and motivation to learn. Being in the right environment also contributes to it. If you’re in an environment with teachers that care for your education and teach what they’re supposed to, then you feel good about learning. It’s better if school doesn’t feel like a waste of time that could be spent on “more important” things in life. Sometimes school can be hard and that’s okay, you just have to push through.


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